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Tarmac Cleaning & Restoration

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning & Sealing, Chesterfield, Sheffield & Local Areas

Did you realise when your tarmac (asphalt) drive starts to look old & tired It can be cleaned & re-treated to vastly improve the over all appearance? Tarmac driveways do not stay smooth and black forever.
 If your driveway is not properly maintained heat, ultra-violet rays, and chemicals such as salt, oil, petrol and grease can take their toll, making your driveway look old and scruffy.
 Spiretech of Cheaterfield can help prevent these problems by cleaning your tarmac drive, sealing & protecting your tarmac areas.
tarmac driveway cleaning chesterfield

Tarmac is an extremely durable surface, however some tarmac driveways after a period of time  generally begin to lose their distinctive colour and fade. This is down to through traffic, weathering & spills (such as oil from your car). Spiretech of chesterfield receive many questions asking us whether a tarmac drive can be restored back to its former glory.

You will be pleased to know answer to this is YES!

Firstly, using our high pressure rotary surface cleaner we clean the area fully, this removes the build up of moss, algae & dirt which has built up over time.
 The second stage of the process will then transform your tarmac driveway, unlike tarmac paints available in your local DIY store, we use a heavy duty, commercial quality product that does not only re colours faded and worn tarmac, but also helps to bond any loose stones, in turn greatly increasing the life of your tarmac driveway.


  • Fraction of the cost of full replacement
  • Protects against normal wear and tear
  • Enables easy-clean of oil leaks and fuel spillages
  • Severely inhibits weed, algae and moss growth
  • Helps bind loose stones and prevent cracking
  • Increases the life of the original surface

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