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Patio Cleaning & Re-Sealing

Patio Cleaning & Sealing, Chesterfield, Sheffield & Local Areas

It does not take long for algae, moss & weeds to spoil the appearance of your patio area. Whether concrete slabs or stone pavers weathering can soon ruin the appearance of your investment. Without the correct equipment cleaning these areas can be messy & time consuming, still not getting the required result at the end of the job.
 Spiretech of Chesterfield utilize a revolutionary, chemical free, high pressure rotary cleaning system which provides the fastest & most efficient way to clean your patio areas and restore them to there former glory.
 Take a look at our video to see the amazing results our cleaning process can achieve, you wont believe the results.

Patio Cleaning Chesterfield & Sheffield

Our process involves-
  • Cleaning of the main area using a high-pressure rotary cleaner.
  • Cleaning of edging stones using the high-pressure lance.
  • When semi-dry we then treat the area with a weed killer.
  • The area is then left to dry completely.
  • Once dry the area is then re-sanded if required.
  • We can then (if required) treat the area with a sealer, prolonging the look of cleaned surface.

About Sealing-

Spiretech offer a re-sealing service, which will protect and prolong the life of your newly cleaned area. Re-Sealing involves the application of a highly durable sealant, which protects the area from grease, oil & staining, it also forms a barrier, which inhibits the growth of algae and moss and adds a “look like new" sheen to the surface.
 Sealants are available in matt, gloss & even with colour tints, our operators would be happy to discuss the available options when we quote for the work.

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