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Imprinted Concrete Cleaning & Re-Sealing

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Cleaning & Sealing, Chesterfield, Sheffield & Local Areas

Imprinted Concrete driveways require regular cleaning & re-sealing, this not only keeps your driveway looking good but also helps to protect the surface of your investment.

 When your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio is in need of re-sealing and re-colouring, Spiretech of Chesterfield provide a professional restoration service that will restore it to its former glory.
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Although Imprinted concrete is a very durable surface and requires less maintenance than block paving this popular choice by homeowners does require some maintenance.
 Generally it should be re-sealed every 3-5 years, if this is not done, it will start to lose its original colour due to sunlight exposure and general wear & tear. If it is left too long and the bare concrete starts to show through, this can make the restoration process difficult and more costly.

Spiretech's maintenance process starts with pressure washing the imprinted concrete, removing moss, algae, stains and dirt. After drying we can apply the imprinted concrete sealant. Depending on your personal preference, different effects can be applied to create the desired 'wet look' or matt effect. If your driveway has already lost a lot of its original colour we can also "tint" the sealant so it returns close to the colour it was when first laid.

  • Fraction of the cost of full replacement
  • Protects against normal wear and tear
  • Enables easy-clean of oil leaks and fuel spillages
  • Severely inhibits weed, algae and moss growth
  • Increases the life of the original surface
About Sealing-

Spiretech of Chesterfield offer a re-sealing service, which will protect and prolong the life of your newly cleaned area. Re-Sealing involves the application of a highly durable sealant, which protects the area from grease, oil & staining, it also forms a barrier, which inhibits the growth of algae and moss and adds a “look like new" sheen to the surface.
 Sealants are available in matt, gloss & even with colour tints, our operators would be happy to discuss the available options when we quote for the work.
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