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Decking Cleaning & Treatments

Decking Cleaning, Chesterfield, Sheffield & Surrounding Areas.

Decking areas have become a firm favourite for thousands of gardens and commercial premises throughout the UK. Made popular by home improvement shows which show how the decking enhances many of the areas that have them installed, providing a pleasant place for outdoor living.

 However, without regular maintenance the British weather dictates your investment will soon become very dirty and grubby with moss and algae rapidly taking over. The British climate soon takes it's toll and can soon turn the whole area into a very dangerous place to walk over.
 Spiretech of Chesterfield can clean and treat your decking, hardwood furniture & wooden clad areas, restoring the look and feel & making them safe and attractive once again.

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Most domestic pressure washers cannot adequately clean decking as they tend to leave marks on the wood. The pressure cleaning machines Spiretech use are designed to comprehensively clean the surface of the decking without damaging the decking. Once cleaned we can also to treat the wood with a good quality decking oil to protect it further.

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